A Jones Productions

I did some filming with Ross Neville at Water Priory Estate for the Fieldsports channel on youtube. So i thought I would put together some of the nice shots as a bit of art.
I was using my Sony FS5 trying to get some slow-motion as Ross was using a brand new Browning B15 shotgun and I wanted it to look nice and arty. As the day was quite foggy it made the filming conditions quite dull and slowmo loves light. Which resulted in lots of noise creeping into the shots which the FS5 is renowned for. Also as a side note I find that Using the LCD screen while filming you have to keep a very keen eye on the histogram as some of the highlights on some of the footage were blown out without me realising it. As for the Mpeg encoding at a miserly 4,2,0 in the grading it started to fall apart quite badly. looks like I will have to do the expensive RAW upgrade and get a 3rd party recorder which for occasions like this where run and gun would be paramount it adds more gear, more set up time and a workout regimen for my back and arms. I love my FS5 for many reasons but trying to shoot SLog in the field in natural light in the UK it’s a bit sucky.

Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_00_02_03.Still005.jpg Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_00_15_03.Still004.jpg Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_00_23_02.Still006.jpg Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_00_38_04.Still003.jpg Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_00_51_20.Still001.jpg Warter-Priory-Shoot-showreel.00_01_15_04.Still002.jpg