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MÚIN studio was founded by father and daughter to ensure that the craft and skills of one generation are passed onto the next. Davie Smeaton is a cabinet maker and avid collector of unusual tools working in the Wye Valley, England. His daughter Kirstie Smeaton is an architect, fascinated by the art of making, working in Berlin, Germany.

MÚIN is inspired by the Gaelic word for “teaching”. Drawn from a desire to inherit the knowledge of her father and to explore contemporary translations of traditional techniques, they started designing and making hand crafted objects together.

Each distinctive piece is made from beautiful local or recycled hardwoods which are often offcuts from the local forest. This can be everything from a fallen pear tree to English oak. Each product is unique due to the selection of hardwoods and can be personalised through the selection of different coloured textile cables, paint finishes and fabric. The collection includes lamps, an armchair, chop & serve boards, boxes and cupboards.

With huge thanks to Andrew Molyneux from Molyneux Associates and to Moss Davis from Singularity films for their help and essential creative input. Also for Moss’ Razr 300 daylight LED fresnel light that made it a smooth 4pm all day long.
Most of this was shot on my Sony FS5 with additional material from a Canon 5D mk4 and a Sony AS7i.
All shot with Canon L series glass.

A great way to spend a day and I really enjoyed the edit, colour and sound design too. All of which was done in Adobe CC suite.

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