A Jones Productions

How do you bring an edit to life? Lots of things make a good edit and one of them is sound design. Often over looked by many editors that are so carful to pick the right visuals and put the right piece of music to play under them but then miss a trick with adding good sound scapes.
All the sound in the clip above was created in house apart from the waves and general seaside ambiance they came from the Soundly app and from the Digital juice library.
It was really fun to do and it’s amazing what you can do with an old coat, a velcro cable tidy and a plastic box. Oh and the plip at the end was made by my mouth. 🙂

This was created as the first in a series of short sound design exercises, just to try and hone my own skills.
This clip was built from footage I filmed on Anglesey with Ant Glascoe Jr. for the fishing series ‘Fishing Britain‘ on the Fieldsports channel.

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Ants-anglesey-1.jpg Ants-anglesey-2.jpg ants-anglesey-3.jpg ants-anglesey-4.jpg ants-anglesey-6.jpg ants-anglesey-5.jpg