A Jones Productions

Filming with Hywel Morgan at the Tifi Pools not far from his home, we were doing some links for the Fishing Britain Show we produced for Fieldsports Channel. We had a visit from Hywel’s farther, the now late Welsh fishing legend Moc Morgan. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass and not capture Moc telling us what he thought of this place and how he felt about it after fishing it for over 70 years.
What he said inspired me to put together this short film. I’m so glad i had the opportunity to meet someone as passionate as Moc.

Tight lines sir.


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Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_00_14_14.Still007.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_01_09_06.Still001.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_01_32_10.Still002.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_03_07_16.Still003.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_03_35_23.Still004.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_03_46_04.Still005.jpg Feel-Alive-Alone-but-not-lonely.mp4.00_03_51_15.Still006.jpg