A Jones Productions

As a slightly different approach to most fishing films, I was asked by the client to make a film that was a little more emotive and not be all about the fish playing and splashing about but more of a journey and the feeling some angler may experience while they are hunting for their monsters.
It was a challenge as we had a very short window to film and hardly any time to plan, as most of these projects are require a fast turn around usually needed for a show “next weekend!”
As it was only a 1 day shoot we had to cover a lot of ground and I pulled in a favour from my good friend Moss Davis over at Singularity to help DP on the project as he is the king of the moody emotive style.
With zero story board we headed up north to meet up with Dan Esox and told him there would be very little fishing, much to his surprise but lucky for us he totally got what we were trying to do and embraced it magnificently.
Shot on the Sony FS5 and a Black magic pocket cinema camera for cinematic look and nice slow motion yet with light weight fast decision making about locations, jumping in and out of cars and pulling poor ol’ Dan away from every water without as much as wetting a lure.
Considering it was off the cuff style shooting the edit could have been much better with hindsight but it served the purpose and I feel it conveyed what we were thinking quite well.
As for the colour grade I felt like I would echo the colours of the brand logo and use purples in the shadows and bring golds in to the highlights, I think it worked quite well.
Some have said it reminded them of a Russian horror film trailer and some have said it almost moved them to tears. All subjective I guess but the main people we needed to please was the client.
As it was very different to most things they have commissioned and I think it may have whizzed over the heads of some but ultimately landed with the more forward thinking.
So now we will wait and see if they ask for any more.

I really enjoyed making it and exploring something a little different in the edit and I know that I will be doing more of it in the future too.
Thanks to every one involved and thanks for watching.
Catch ya later.

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