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Posted on 18th August 2018 by Aaron on Vlog

How to design a logo and other stuff

On a regular bases I have to rattle the logo tree I have in my office and see if I can get another sweet logo to fall on to my head and land on the screen for clients. See it’s not just all about making great films i also do quite a lot of motion […]

Posted on 6th August 2018 by Aaron on chewsday, cooking, Vlog


On this rambling episode ‘Chewsday’ we turn up the production values for the cooking segment. We get creative in the kitchen with a collaboration with Singularity films and making wild boar pizza. With a catch up on fitness and some barking deer spotted on my walk. For the pizza base you will need: 500g plain […]

Posted on 18th July 2018 by Aaron on chewsday, cooking, Vlog


Aaaaarrrh i have run out of bread!!!  not very often shouted in my kitchen but this is a great recipe for simple bread that can get you out of a fix on a Sunday after 4pm when all the shops are shut and you have a craving for a gooey melted cheese on some delicious […]

Posted on 12th July 2018 by Aaron on Design, Opinions, podcasting, Vlog


Don’t just sit there get off your ass and start getting creative. Thats what I have decided to do so come along with me as I go for a walk in the woods to have a good talk to myself and try to find some inspiration. I hope this will be one of many Vlog […]